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Minecraft: How to Make a Secret Door Code

minecraft door code

Hayes is our resident Minecraft guru. Little man can make some cool stuff. I have no idea what they’re doing, but I’m really good at nodding my head and saying, “That’s so cool!”

Anyway, here is “How to Make a Minecraft Door Code” according to Hayes.

If you play Minecraft at all, you probably know how to build a house. But…have you built a secret code for your door with redstone and levers? This video will show how to make doors that open and close when you pull the right levers. It’s not hard, says Hayes, but pay attention! The redstone has to connect to the levers, or it won’t work.

Sounds confusing, huh? It does to anyone over the age of 16. Watch Hayes’ video…he will explain with some well placed captions because our audio isn’t great.

Enjoy and comment any questions below!


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