Great Math Hacks

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I love math. I know, I know…you probably do NOT love math, but I love it because there’s also a right answer. You can’t really interpret math – it just IS something. That’s comforting to me. I also like it because there are always patterns and hacks to make it easier. Here a few math hacks to remember and some cool math tricks to try!

Let’s start with a easy hack you can do with your friends:

math trick

This one is also pretty cool, but it may take some practice. Don’t worry! You can do this! This works well for numbers close to 100.

multiply large numbers

What if the answer to your multiplication is a three digit number? No problem. Write down the last two digits of your answer and add the first digit to the answer of your addition problem. Confused? Take a look:

multiply large numbers2

What about numbers over 100?

multiply large numbers3

What if you have one of each – one number above and one number below?

multiply large numbers 4

And this one is just fun!

phone number trick

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