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6 Cleaning Products That Pretty Much Clean For You

Basket with cleaning items on blurry background

Cleaning just got a lot more fun with these cool products!

(Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these products and haven’t used any of them -we just thought they were great ideas!)

A cleaner for all your silverware.

enhanced-4088-1428597024-3Just dunk and go! Get it here.

Remote-controlled mop.

rc_handy_mop_white A video game against dirty floors. Get it here.

The dustpan that combs out your broom.

broomNever have to touch all that dust again! Get it here.

This smart trash can that does (pretty much) everything for you.

wiwowowowowoIt’s got a hands-free opening, and is connected to your Wifi to send you a text when it’s trash day and when you’re almost out of bags… Wow!

…and there’s a tiny vacuum on the bottom so you’ll never need a dustpan again.


The only problem… its not real yet.

Clean as you go slippers.

8153hJl2zeS._SL1500_Get them here.

This tiny robot to clean your phone.

phoneoGet them here.



Well if I had any of these, I probably would just watch TV all day while my little robot servants cleaned the house.

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