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What is Bile and What Does It Do?

what is bile

First of all, yes. Yes, this is totally random. The kids and I were studying the digestive system and they thought this word was weird and that gall bladder was weird and that the whole thing was…weird.

They were right. It is.

So what is bile and how does it work?

Bile is this yellowish, greenish stuff that is produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder. Basically, it’s the substance that breaks down the fat in your food so you don’t have globs of fat traveling through your intestines. You really need it – it just sounds pretty gross.

It’s a lot like dish detergent.  Watch the video and you’ll see.




What exactly do all these organs look like? Well, here’s a good diagram to show you what is actually inside of you. It looks pretty weird, but it all works together to make you happy and healthy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.25.58 PM


I also mentioned “chyme” in the video. What is that weird word? Well, it’s actually just the food that is all mixed up and torn apart and covered by stomach acid that empties into your small intestine. Sounds appetizing, right? It also has big globs of fat in it – now it’s looking REALLY gross in your mind, right? That’s where the bile comes in. It breaks apart the fat so that’s it’s not so…globby. It still looks gross, but at least it’s smoother!

Some people have problems with their gall bladder and have to have it removed. When this happens, they have to follow a low fat diet. Their body is not able to process the fat because they no longer have the bile to break it apart.

See how even the body parts you don’t much about help you live a good life?!

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