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How to Make a Gif

how to make a gif

I’m sure by now you’ve seen a ton of Gifs…but have you ever wanted to make one? It’s actually REALLY easy to do and is a great way to waste a few minutes. So…how do you make a gif? There are a few websites around that make the process fun and painless.

You can make a gif of any YouTube video. Simply find a YouTube video you like, and type the word gif before the word youtube in the url. For example, if the link is, add the word gif before the word youtube in the URL. It would look like You’ll be automatically transferred to a video conversion page at to start the gif.

All you have to do is pick where you want the video to start (which second of the video) and how many seconds you want the gif to run. You can also just go to and type in the URL of the video you want to use. Either way is really easy. You can also have sound or not have sound.


make a gif


Ours looks like this (you can turn the sound on/off by clicking the volume icon on the video):

May not work well on mobile.



Another site where you can make gifs, is On this site, you can use videos or individual images. This one does not have sound, as far as I can tell.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.55.02 AM

This is one we made from this site. (May not work well on mobile.)


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