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How to Take your Love of Science and Turn It into a Career



Following your passion is the greatest gift you could give to the world and to yourself. When that passion is science, it can mean exploring how the world works, building new machines and finding cures for diseases. Inspired by a conversation with Bill Nye and Hannah Hart, here are five tips for going after your dream.

Tip 1: Let your curiosity lead you

Let yourself be swept up in an idea, pursue a hypothesis and chase down answers.

Tip 2: Focus on your education

Putting in the time at school is absolutely necessary for pursuing a science-based career.

Tip 3: Test the waters

Go after internships in your field or ask to do a weeklong office observation to get a feel for things.

Tip 4: Be creative

Creativity is an essential part of science, whether it’s thinking outside the box when solving a problem or getting inventive when building your career.

Tip 5: Dont limit yourself

Don’t limit yourself or your dreams and you won’t go wrong.

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