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How to Solve a 2 x 2 Rubik’s Cube

How to Solve a 2 x 2 Rubik's Cube (1)


Do you want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube? Of course you do! Start with a 2 x 2 cube so you can memorize what the directions stand for and memorize the algorithm.

R- right side of cube, moves clockwise, away from you
R1 – right side of cube, moves counter clockwise, towards you

L – left side of cube, moves clockwise, towards you
L1 – left side of cube, moves counter clockwise, away from you

B – back of cube (the two cubes farthest away from you on top) Turn to the left (Like if you were looking at the back of the cube, you’d be turning it clockwise.)
B1 – Turn toward your right hand.

F – front of cube, turn it clockwise. Toward your right hand.
F1 – Turn counter clockwise. Toward your left hand.

U – top layer of cubes. Look above it and turn clockwise.
U1 – Turn counter clockwise.

D – bottom layer of cubes, Turn clockwise to the right.
D1 – Turn counter clockwise – to the left.

Turn on the closed captioning so you can pause the video with the directions on the screen. The directions are also written below.

The algorithm for the white side is R1, D1, R, D. Repeat as many times as necessary for the white side to solve.

To solve the layer under the white (two of the same of each color – two blues, two yellows, etc…) R1, D1, R, L, D, R1, R1, D, R. Repeat until all colors are done on this layer.

Put yellow in bottom left corner. R, U, R1, U, R, U, U, R1. If there’s two yellows in a row, put on the right and repeat. If there’s only one yellow, put back in the bottom left corner and repeat the algorithm.

If one side is solved, put it on the back of the cube. Yellow side is up, white side is down. R1, F, R1, B, B, R, F1, R, B, B, R, R, B, B.


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