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Alex Cogbill: How to Paint a Tree

how to paint a tree

Alex Cogbill is an artist. A real artist. Not just an artist with paint, charcoal, and canvases…an artist that teaches kids how to be an artist. Not everyone can do that. He’s been teaching children and adults for years and recently opened his own studio/gallery called Local Color in Fayetteville.

To quote Alex, “Don’t be scared of just doing! Art isn’t the time to ask questions first, you’re learning the questions as you’re going along and answering them at the same time. Sometimes you have to dive right in and do something the “wrong” way, in order to find out how to make it “right”.





Here’s Alex teaching a simple way to paint a tree – complete with brush techniques and a warm-up exercise! Read below for more on Alex {including contact info}.

Alex is from Fort Smith and went to college at U of A Fayetteville where he received his BFA in Art Education in 2011. He’s taught countless classes to children and adults – anything from private lessons, to nearly 100 people at an event at the holiday inn convention center.

 He learned to weld when he worked at a ranch in Bowie, Texas in 2006 from an amazing guy, Jimmy Wadsworth. He’s a lifetime structural welder, turned ranch manager, turned artist. He taught Alex a lot in a little amount of time, and Alex hopes he can be the same type of teacher.

Alex just won the South Main Sculpture Competition to be installed later this year in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Here’s a few pics of some of Alex’s work.

Steel and Mirrors


image (1)
You can contact Alex at or call him at 479-461-8761. Local Color is located at 275 S. Archibald Yell Blvd in Fayetteville, AR.  Check out his Facebook page at

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