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How to Make the Perfect Sandcastle


For all of you at the beach this Spring Break, we’d thought we would let you in on some sandcastle building secrets.  According to a scientific study (yes, they STUDIED this!), it’s better to use your hands than a bucket and a spade and the perfect sand/water ration is one bucket of water to 50 buckets of sand. (Although the video below disagrees with this.)

Some of the best beginners’ tools can pretty easy to find. Your condo, hotel, or local Wal-Mart will probably have most of these:

  • A bucket to carry water and sand
  • A plastic straw to blow away loose sand
  • A small soft-bristle paintbrush to erase knife marks and brush away loose sand
  • A spray bottle to keep the sand moist
  • Shovels and trowels to help sculpt (For bigger castles, don’t use plastic beach shovels.)
  • Plastic knives, butter knives, and putty knives to carve and shape your castle

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