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How to Draw a Bunny

draw a bunny

Alex Cogbill is teaching us again! This time Hayes wanted to know how to draw a bunny. Alex was kind enough to show us step-by-step! If your kids like to draw or are just bored this summer, maybe this will help them learn to draw something new.

Step 1: Draw a large, slightly round oval. This is the main body of the bunny.



Step 2: Draw a large backwards C starting to the left of the center of the oval. This is the curve of the back leg.



Step 3: Draw a smaller, more compressed C overlapping the first C and the oval. This is the foot of the bunny.



Step 4: Draw another small, compressed C higher up on the body for the back foot.



Step 5: Draw another slightly roundish oval for the head. This should overlap the body.



Step 6: Ears! Draw two ears on the head – one slightly in front of the of the line you drew for the head. The back ear should “disappear” slightly behind the head.


Step 7: The nose! Draw a little triangle about halfway up the oval for the head.



Step 8: Eyes and whiskers!



Step 9: Draw on a fuzzy tail and start “cleaning up” lines that shouldn’t be seen on the finished bunny: the line where the body and head meet and the line where the leg and foot meet.



Step 10: Make your outside lines darker and color in!



Thank you for your help, Alex! It’s so cute!

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