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Homeschool burnout

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Homeschool burnout is one of the more common issues parents have to deal with educating their children every day. Every. Darn. Day.  There are many reasons this happens: an illness, a new baby, added responsibility, change in routine, math, science. You get the picture.

Symptoms of burnout are different for every parent. Some suffer from a lack of patience. Some over-eat. Crying without any apparent reason is a popular sign. (That’s the one that happens to me!) Burnouts aren’t all bad, though. They are indicators that things need to change.

How can you prevent this or even stop it before it happens?

♥ Lower your expectations. Every day is not going to be perfect. There will be struggles – that’s life.

♥ If something isn’t working, look for alternative methods. Make up a song to teach your child something. Play a game. If you or your child is frustrated, take a break. Mix up your teaching styles. You don’t have to do worksheets and timed drills every day for every subject. For instance, we played Monopoly to learn math. It worked! My kids are math rock stars!

♥ Lock your door and cry. Really. Sometimes a good cry helps. Homeschooling can be hard – not just mentally, but emotionally, physically, and financially.


♥ Don’t overschedule. Don’t pile on too many activities or assignments. This will affect YOU which will affect your child. No one wants to be tired, grouchy, and irritable. There is no reason your child has to learn Latin, be a concert pianist, know every famous artist that ever lived, and ace algebra – all on THIS TUESDAY. Take a break for a day, a couple of days, or even a week. It’s okay to do that, you know!

♥ Surround yourself with supportive people. We need other people in our lives! You can’t do everything by yourself.

♥ Take time for you. Go out with friends for a night. Take a bath without interruptions. Hire a sitter and have a lunch date with your spouse. Go for a walk while they are having a music lesson or are at an activity. You have to have some space – and believe me – your kids need a break from you, too!

When life gets to be too much, send me a note! I’m right there with ya! ;)

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