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Fun Fall Treats For Kids


Need some cute, tasty, fun fall treats for your kid’s zillion fall fest activities? We found some of the best and thought we’d share!

Edible Oreo Acorns

We think these OREO Acorns will be a hit with your family this Fall! Not only are they delicious but, they’re fun to make! The kids will love to help with every step of this recipe. Did you know that Oreos took their flavors to a whole new level and added peanut butter? YUM! They may look intricate to make but, in just a few simple steps you will have a bowl of OREO acorns to nibble. Happy Fall!


Apple Cider Floats

These Apple Cider Floats are made from special fall ingredients & are a perfect way to enjoy the flavors of fall as the weather begins to cool!


Shredded Chicken and Rick Stuffed Halloween Peppers

It also has become a Halloween tradition for us to eat them on Halloween Eve (because Halloween day is a little too crazy to get this meal out).  A few years back I thought of the idea of making little jack-o-laterns out of the peppers when I saw some of the orange peppers on sale. It only takes a few extra minutes and it makes the stuffed peppers extra special. You can either make the slow cooker chicken as a meal one day (for tacos, burritos, taco salads etc.) and make extra to have these peppers later on, or you can make the chicken and rice just for the stuffed peppers.



Owl Rice Cake Snacks

At one time or another, every mom has struggled with finding an exciting healthy snack for their kids. Since school is back in session the kids come home ready to eat. These Owl Rice Cake Snacks are incredibly simple to make and the kids will squeal with delight! Not only are they fun, but they taste amazing too!




Healthy Chocolate Pumpkins Muffins

You’re going to want to make a double batch of this healthy chocolate pumpkin muffin recipe…one to gift to someone special and another batch to enjoy at home.


We hope you enjoy these!

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