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Cool Random Facts That You’ll Love

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There are so many cool facts out there, it’s hard to categorize some of them. So…here’s a collection of some cool random facts we thought you’d love!

  • 1 in 112,994 surgeries in the U.S. is performed on the wrong person or body part.
  • Netflix has over 76,000 categories, including “Cool Moustaches” and “Imaginative Time Travel Movies from the 1980s”.
  • There’s an atomic bomb museum in New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was detonated. The museum is only open 12 hours per year.
  • The largest iceberg ever measured is bigger than Jamaica: 11,000 sq km (4,200 sq mi). It broke away from Antarctica in 2000.
  • 300 workers, 18,038 pieces of wrought iron and 2.5 million rivets were needed to build the Eiffel Tower.
  • 20%of Poland’s population died in WWII, the highest percentage of any nation.
  • On April 18, 1930, the BBC announced, “There is no news today,” and played piano music instead.


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