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Cool Facts About Volcanoes

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Have you ever wanted to see a real volcano? We have! Isn’t it cool that you get a glimpse of what is inside the earth? We found some cool facts about volcanoes and hope you enjoy them!

  • Some volcanoes take thousands of years to form, but others can grow really quickly. Paricutin, a cone volcano, appeared in a Mexican cornfield on February 20, 1943. In just a week, it was 5 stories tall! By the end of a year, it had grown to more than 1000 feet tall. In 1952,  it stopped growing and reached a height of 1300 feet. For a volcano, that’s pretty quick.
  • The tallest volcano in the Solar System is on Mars. It’s called Olympus Mons and is a giant shield volcano. that rises to an elevation of over 88,500 feet -that’s 16.7 miles high – and it measures 342 miles across.
  • Both the tallest volcano and the largest volcano on Earth are in Hawaii. Mauna Kea, with an elevation of 13,800 feet, is the tallest. The largest volcano on Earth is Mauna Loa with an elevation of only 13,677 feet. Both  shield volcanoes that rise up from the bottom of the ocean. Mauna Kea, from the base of the ocean to its peak, is  33,474  feet (6.3 miles) – bigger than Mount Everest.

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