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Alex Cogbill: How to Draw a Desert Landscape

desert art

Alex Cogbill is the owner of Local Color in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We asked him to show how to draw something cool. Instead, he showed us how to draw something hot. A desert, to be exact. He even drew a camel, cactus, and a scorpion. Get our your paper and pencils, guys and gals, and draw along!




Now, if you want to add more color to your picture:

How to Draw A Desert Landscape

Alex also took us step-by-step drawing a scorpion:

Draw on oval for the scorpion’s body.

Make a series of “C’s”, getting smaller as you get to the end of the tail. Six to 7 should do it!

Darken your oval and tail and add a little stinger on the end. It looks a little like a banana.

The view of the scorpion is from the top, so add little legs coming out from the body. Three on each side.

Make the “arms” the same way you did the tail. Turn your paper and make “U’s” instead of “C’s”, if that helps. Five to 6 should be fine!

Add pincers to the end. Again, they look like bananas!

Make some little eyes and a little mouth on your scorpion.

The body is curved, so we are going to add curved lines to mimic the curved effect.

Shade in one side of your scorpion to add some depth.


Mr. Alex helping the kids fine tune their scorpions.






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