About Us

We’re just a normal family. Except we’re not. We’re US.

We homeschool. We learn random stuff. We make videos. We cook. We craft. We fight. We make up. We laugh. A lot.

Why “Ponder Monster”? Well, we were playing charades one night and I was trying to act out “Imagine Dragons”, which is my son’s favorite group. They didn’t guess it correctly, but did shout out, “Ponder Monster!” I loved it. I stopped playing and bought the domain right then.

My daughter is the video maker and my son is the topic generator. We all work on this together, although I spend more time on it than they do. One day, that will change! I’m almost sure of it. :)

This is us! Welcome to our little world in Fayetteville, AR. Contact us a jen (@) rasmic (dot) com.

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