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101 Awesome Things to Do With Cardboard Boxes!


We’ve collected some great posts from other bloggers full of creative ways to use cardboard boxes! Chances are you have a ton left from Christmas – don’t let them go to waste! Check out these cool crafts and projects and get your kids moving!

Without further ado…101 Awesome Things to Do With Cardboard Boxes!

This post had a ton of easy and not-so-easy crafts for kiddos to try out. Some require adult help, but if you have older kids some of these can be done completely by them! Yay! You have time to take a shower!



These are amazing! From campers to purses to beds for the kid’s stuffed animals…VERY cute!



Miniature golf courses, doll houses, painting crafts…very cute collection of all types of simple things to do. You don’t have to be an architect to do these!



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